Liana Yepremyan

I am a mathematician working in the field of Extremal Combinatorics and Graph Theory. I sometimes also work in Structural Graph Theory.

I joined Emory university Mathematics department as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2021. Prior to that I was a Marie Curie Global Fellow at London School of Economics. My host was Julia Boettcher. During 2019-2020 academic year I was a visiting scholar at University of Illinois at Chicago, hosted by Dhruv Mubayi. Prior to this position, I was a postdoctorate researcher at University of Oxford during 2016-2019 academic years. I was supervised by Professor Peter Keevash. During this time I was also a stipendiary lecturer in Mathematics at St. Hugh’s college (2016-2017, 2018-2019), a stipendiary lecturer in Mathematics at St. Peter’s college (Trinity term, 2018) and non-stipendiary lecturer in Mathematics at St. Edmunds college (Michaelmas term, 2017).

I received Ph.D in Computer Science from from McGill University, Canada in 2016, under the supervision of Sergey Norin and co-supervision of Hamed Hatami.

I obtained my undergraduate (2005-2009) and masters degrees ( 2009-2011) from Applied Mathematics and Informatics department at Yerevan State University, Armenia.

Recent work: On Ryser's conjecture

Ryser's conjecture and more, May 5th, 2020, Discrete Mathematics and Probability Seminar, University of Oxford,

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